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What We Are/ What We Do

     We are Luk Savat; a group of people in Alabama who participate in the full-contact sport/game of Dagorhir. Dagorhir is a sort of cross between Medieval Reenactment, and a hardcore full-contact sport. It's like mixing Tolkiens Lord of the Rings with dueling. Sort of. To truly get the full have to visit Dagorhir's home page. Dagorhir is a highly successful group which spans most of the U.S. There are presently Dagorhir chapters in Florida, New York, Washington, Ohio, and many many more! Just check out the Locations of Dagorhir Chapters. Dagorhir, while being a full-contact activity, is incredibly safe. Great lengths are taken to ensure that every match and event is safe. While some occasional injuries are to be expected, as with any full-contact sport such as football, steps are taken to reduce the seriousness of any that may happen. A full description of Dagorhir's combat system can be found at the dagorhir home page. The greatest step we make towards keeping the combat safe is that we use padded weaponry. The "typical" starter weapon consists of PVC pipe, wrapped in blue cell foam padding and cloth. The particulars for this may also be found on the Dagorhir web site.

     Luk Savat. Luk Savat: The Realm of Doors. We are the people of the Realm of Doors. Whether natural born or "visitors" from elsewhere; this is now our home. Luk Savat is a 500 mile island. Luk Savat, a name given to it by it's natives the Luk Sunoun "The People." These tribal peoples guard the portals which give the realm it's name. These portals, or doorways, all lead to various other realms. Some to the elemental planes...others elsewhere.