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For new members and interested persons

    1. The Waiver: A waiver must be signed by anyone who wishes to fight in a Dagorhir battle. For anyone under the age of 18, it must be co-signed by one parent and notarized by a notary public. You can have this done, usually for free, at your bank. The purpose of the waiver is to ensure that you know that Dagorhir is a full-contact sport/game/LARP and that, as with all full contact activities, injuries, while uncommon, are possible. The waiver exists to protect Dagorhir and all Dagorhir chapters from being sued in the unlikely event of such an accident.

    2. Chapter: a chapter a large group of units under the Dagorhir organization. Chapters generally stake out certain geographic areas and most, if not all of the units within that area, will often join under that chapter. Chapters hold practices, events, etc.

    3. Units: In order to form a unit, you must have five members of the unit. The unit generally joins a chapter, and provides that chapter with information such as their Standard (flag or banner), their battle cry, etc. More information may be found here.

    4. The Herald: The herald is the primary authority on the battlefield. What the Herald says, goes. If the Herald says you were killed, then you die. No arguing. They may be wrong occasionally, but we don't want to ruin the fun of this wonderful game by arguing about it all day. The herald is there to prevent arguments and to ensure the safety of all participants. The herald shouldn't usually have to involve himself/herself in the game unless there is a safety concern, however, should an argument arise; he is there to end it, quickly.

    5. Quick review of weapon types:

        Green: Stabbing weapons. Spears, etc. These come in two varieties, two-handed and one handed. Though of course, a two handed green may be used one handed. Two handed green attacks ignore all armor. A one handed green attack has no effect on armor. Head shots with green weapons are against Dagorhir rules. Green weapons have no effect on shields.

        Blue: Are smaller (generally one handed) hacking or smashing weapons. I.E. Long swords, maces, short swords, daggers, etc. Two strikes from a blue weapon will destroy armor; blue weapons have no effect on shields. Head shots with blue weapons are against Dagorhir rules.

        Red: Red weapons are large hacking or smashing weapons. (always two handed.) You may use a red weapon one handed, but in doing so it counts as a blue weapon. Red weapons destroy shields in two good, solid hits. Red weapons also destroy armor in one hit. Head shots with red weapons are against Dagorhir rules.

        Yellow: Yellow weapons are projectile weapons. Arrows and Javelins. Arrows may never be used as hand weapons. Yellow weapons ignore armor, however they do nothing to shields. Head shots by yellow weapons are legal. Yellow hits to an armored head has no effect.

        White: White weapons are rocks. Rocks only affect an unarmored head; and are legal to strike the head with. White weapons result in death upon a successful head shot.

    6. The Head: The strike zone known as "The Head" actually consists of both the Head and the Neck.

    7. Bashing/Checking: You may shield bash, or shield check another player. However, you may only shield bash, to strike an opponent with one's shield from more than two steps away, on their front and side quadrants. Also, you may shield check, to strike an opponent with one's shield from two or fewer steps away, from any direction.

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