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Special Chapter Rules

These are rules put in place for our chapter;

these rules deviate from international Dagorhir rules.

All of these rules are either permanent, or are in testing.

 *Throwing Axes: Throwing axes are currently legal in Luk Savat if they abide by the following rules: They must be made entirely out of foam, with no tape other than cloth tape used in the construction of either the pommel nor the head. No area of the weapon can be capable of passing .5" through a 3" hole. The size limitations are as follows: A throwing axe can be a small as 8" in length, but no larger than 18" in length. Additionally, the intended striking surface of the weapon must be sufficiently padded with open cell foam. Throwing axes do not have to resemble axes, but will still follow all of the rules for throwing axes. All areas of a throwing axe count for a hit, therefore, you cannot catch throwing axes. Throwing axes count as white weapons for strikes to the head and neck, and count as blue weapons for strikes to other parts of the body.

A strike to the Head equals Death, your death: As the problem of strikes to the head have become some-what of a problem, we feel that it is necessary to institute punishment for this act. This is because it IS against the rules to strike someone in the head. However, we understand that accidents do happen. Therefore, the first headshot delivered by a person in a single day shall be forgiven, however, every headshot after the first in a given day shall result in that person's death as though the person whom they struck had killed them. Simply put, if you hit someone in the head, you die just as though they had killed you. Regardless of whatever game rules are in effect.